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Axe Throwing Rules

  1. Only 1 axe thrown per target at a time

  2. Closed toe shoes are required – no high heels

  3. Spectators are not allowed within the safety boundary of throwing lane

  4. Intoxicated or suspected patrons will not be allowed to throw

  5. Axes and throwers must stay within throwing lane

  6. Never hand an axe to the next thrower – return axes to designated resting place

  7. Be aware of your surroundings. No swinging, gesturing or flipping of the axe

  8. Ask the throwing coach for help if needed to retrieve axe

  9. Lanes with dual throwers must throw at the same time and retrieve at the same time

  10. Axe must be at rest (not moving) before retrieving

  11. Keep your hands off of the surrounding fencing or barriers

  12. Inform the throwing coach if the axe head feels loose at any time

  13. Check over your shoulder & make sure area is clear before throwing the axe

  14. No trick shots

  15. No aggressive throwing

  16. No profanity

  17. All Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult

Be Safe and have a great time.

Axe Rules: List
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